1) Progetto Natura an O.N.L.U.S. non-profit Association organizes the 10th International Nature film festival STAMBECCO D'ORO TROPHY on the theme "ANIMALS AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT"

2) This by-annual competition will take place at Cogne Valle d'Aosta Grand Paradis, from 25 August to 1 September 2001.

3) The competition is opened to films and documentaries made after January 1st 1999 and presented in Video Pal and Betacam SP.
Non Italian entries will be screened to the technical jury in the original language, while for screening to the public they will be dubbed into the Italian language.

4) The competitor is entirely responsible for his work and for anything regarding copy-rights. He holds all rights concerning usage of the film in accordance with these regulations. However, this organization is not responsible for third parties that might have objections for any reason or cause, in addition:
a) He authorizes the dubbing into the italian language.
b) He authorizes the duplication and retention on video for programming use as foreseen by the competition and subsequent activities connected to the competition
c) He authorizes the projection to the public only to promote the Festival.
d) He authorizes TV screening to the public for a maximum of three minutes, for the purpose of reporting on the activities of the Festival.
The organization guarantees that the above mentioned uses will not have any commercial aim. Every other use will be previously agreed upon with the authors and regulated by specific contracts.

5) The following prizes will be awarded:
THE VALLE WAOSTA REGION STAMBECCO WORO TROPHY PRIZE - 5.165 EURO assigned by a popular jury for the best film in absolute
THE GRAN PARADISO NATIONAL PARK PRIZE - 1.549 EURO assigned by the technical jury for the best photography
THE MARISA CACCIALANZA PRIZE - 1.549 EURO assigned by the technical jury for the best film of an indipendent author
SPECIAL COGNE JURY PRIZE - 1.549 EURO at the discretion of the technical jury
APT COGNE STAMBECCO JUNIOR PRIZE - TROPHY assigned by the children's jury
WWF PRIZE - TROPHY assigned by the technical jury for the film which best promotes the conservation of nature LIPU (Italian bird pretection association)
MARIO PASTORE PRIZE - SCULPTURE assigned by the technical jury for the best film on birds.
Other prizes can be awarded at the discretion of the technical jury for a value of 750 EURO donated by BASF. BASF PRIZE - 750 EURO assigned by the technical jury for the best, exclusively produced italian film. A certificate will be given to all films which have been admitted to the finals. The technical jury can refrain from assigning any prize. All decisions of the three juries are final (Popular jury, Technical jury, Children's jury)

6) Each competitor is allowed to present a maximum of two films. Participation does not require any admission fee. The organization will only abide by the rules provided in these regulations.

7) The films must be sent in the original language to the organization, initially in VHS in order to be viewed by the pre?selection committee, together with:
Official and completed entry form.
Photograph and biographical outline of the author.
Typed synopsis either in italian, french, english or german.
3 sequence photos for which publication is allowed (no restitution of the material must be expected).
Typed text of the post-script (very important for the eventual dubbing)
THE FILMS MUST ARRIVE NOT LATER THAN THE 15TH OF MAY AT: ENTE PROGETTO NATURA c/o TOP DIGITAL VIA BOEZIO, 10 20145 - MILANO ITALY to the attention of Alex Muzi Falconi or Enzo Monachesi Tel: 0039?02?794988 - Fax 0039?02?76021719 or Tel: 0039-02-798021 in the evenings.

8) Entries will be examined by a special commission whose irrevocable decision will be: the selection of the films to be included in the festival. The special acceptance of films considered meritorious even though they do not completely pertain to the theme of the festival (out of competition). Exclusion of those films which fail to meet technical and quality requirements.

9) The competitors admitted to the final phase will be informed in time in order that they can be present at the Festival.

10)Once the selection has been made, all finalists will be informed and will be asked to send to the organization a video cassette of the documentary in BETACAM SP and the relative international sound track (M+E) either on Betacam SP or on DAT, as the finalist films will be dubbed into the italian language for the public.

11) The projection of the films admitted to the finals will take place in the order and according to the program laid down by the Festival Organisation, whose decisions are final.

12) The organization, although assuring the highest care of the films, takes no responsibility for any damage caused in transit, screenings or storage. The competitor will personally take care of any insurance coverage.

13) The participation to the film festival binds the applicants to all the regulations listed in this agreement.

in collaboration with the Valle D'Aosta Autonomous Region, the Municipality of Cogne, the Tourist Office of Cogne,
the Gran Paradiso National Park, WWF and LIPU (Italian Bird protection Association)